ICE SKATING PARTIES for Birthdays and Other Private Events


Celebrate with an Ice Skating Party For Birthdays, Quinceaneras, Graduation Parties, and Other Gatherings

Ice skating parties brings out the fun in everyone. Even if you’re just an observer, you’re sure to find something to smile about while watching kids, family, and friends skate, twirl, stumble, and fall, and there’s sure to be stumbles and falls. It’s all part of the fun!

  • Ice skating parties are scheduled during public skate

    Parties are two hours with the potential for two parties occurring at the same time 

  • $8 per person, which includes skates

    Minimum of 8 people with the birthday boy/girl free in parties of 18 or more

  • We provide tables and chairs and handle clean up

    You provide the decorations, food, drink, and cake

  • A portion of the public locker room is set up as the party room

    Or for another $20, you can have the entire room for a private party

For more information, or to book your party, complete the below form or give us a call at 509-737-3718.

The Ice Arena

It’s cold in the arena, so be sure everyone dresses warmly. We recommend gloves, snow pants, hats, coats, scarves, etc. We also offer the option of renting the entire arena for your event and, of course, lessons for kids and adults.

What's Next

Event Schedule Subject to Change. Please Check Our Facebook Page for Updates.

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