OPEN ICE SKATING Fun for Everyone!

Hit the Ice During Open Skating Fun, Healthy, and Affordable

There’s something about gliding across the ice that makes you feel happy and carefree. Sure, there’s a bit of anxiety, but open ice skating allows you to practice your moves at your own pace, growing your confidence and sharpening your skills.

  • For skaters of all skill levels

    Ages 3 and up

  • Helmets are recommended for children 6 years old and under

    A bicycle helmet is fine or we have a limited number of helmets for use at no charge

  • Open skates are 90 minute sessions

    $10 per person plus $5 for skate rental, if required

Public skate times vary, so be sure to check the calendar.  

Open Skating Rules

  • Toyota Arena Re-Opening Public Skate Procedures


    • The Lobby will be for participants of Public Skate only. All participants will be required to wear a mask for the duration of their visit.

    Skate Rentals:

    • Skates will be rented from the skate counter. Only the person renting the skates will be permitted to wear them. When rented skates are returned the Arenas staff will disinfect and sanitize prior to the next use.

    Locker Rooms:

    • Locker rooms will be off limits for birthday parties until later phases.

    Benches / Bleachers:

    • Benches in the lobby will be limited to participants changing into and out of skates. Benches in the rink will be limited to social distancing space. Benches and bleachers will be used for spectators only. Families of the same household will be permitted to sit together. Social distancing will still be required between groups or individuals.

    Ice Surface:

    • Ice will be one-way traffic only. Stopping and gathering of large groups will be prohibited. Ice Monitors will be responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations on the ice.  Individuals violating any of these rules or regulations will be given one warning and then they may be asked to leave.  Access to the ice will be limited to one way on and one way off.
  • No carrying children on the ice

  • No strollers on the ice

  • Ice skates are REQUIRED when on the ice

  • Roughness, excessive speeding, and weaving through skaters is prohibited

  • Food and drinks are not allowed on the ice

  • No sitting on the boards

  • Throwing snowballs or any object is prohibited

  • No hockey sticks or pucks during open skating

  • No kicking or digging holes into the ice

  • No tag or any other game that may endanger other skaters

  • Jumps and spins will be at the discretion of the Toyota Arena staff

The Ice Arena

It’s cold in the arena, so be sure to dress your kids warmly. We recommend gloves, snow pants, hats, coats, scarves, etc. We also offer lessons, so be sure to check out options for ice skating lessons and beginner hockey!

What's Next

Event Schedule Subject to Change. Please Check Our Facebook Page for Updates.

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